Technical parameters of external clip type ultrasonic flowmeter

Author:admin DateTime:2019-01-28
Characteristics of external clip type ultrasonic flowmeter: measuring principle: principle of time difference of ultrasonic propagation. Dual CPUs work in parallel, 4 bytes floating point operation. The measurement period is 500 ms twice a second.
Signal input: 5 current signals can be input, with an accuracy of 0.1%. (e.g. temperature, pressure, liquid level, etc.).
Signal output: current output: 4-20 mA or 0-20 mA, impedance 0-1 K, floating, accuracy 0.1%;
Frequency signal: OCT output between 12 and 9999 Hz;
Pulse signal: positive, negative, net flow and heat accumulative pulse, relay and OCT output;
Alarm signal: relay and OCT output, nearly 20 source signals can be selected;
Communication interface: Full-functional RS232 serial interface, optional RS485 or CAN bus mode.
Other functions: daily, monthly and annual cumulative flow function; power-up time and flow management function; fault self-diagnosis function; remote control network working mode;
Length of cable: SYY75 shielded cable, single cable can be lengthened to 500 meters
Pipeline material: steel, stainless steel, cast iron, cement pipe, PVC, aluminium, copper and all other dense pipes with lining allowed
Straight pipe section: upstream (> 10D), downstream (> 5D), from pump outlet (> 30D) (D refers to pipe diameter)
Measuring medium: water, sea water, edible oil, crude oil, acid- liquor, beer and other homogeneous liquids that can transmit sound waves
Medium Temperature: - 30-150 C
Path range: DN15-DN6000
Velocity range: 0 ~ + 32m / S
Measurement accuracy: better than < 1% (is the few domestic ultrasonic flowmeters that can achieve this accuracy)
Power: AC220V or DC8-36V or AC7-30V
Power Consumption: Less than 2W (Minimum Power Consumption in Domestic Same Type)
Weight: 3Kg
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